Currently Obsessed With:

Short intro: I have an obsessive personality. I practically have a new hobby every day. My problem is that I don’t keep up with any of these obsessions, and I forget about them, only to be reminded of them on  a later date causing me to ignore whatever it is I really should be doing. Duh.

One of my favorite bloggers, Emily from, posts a weekly “5 Things” list. I’ve decided to put my spin on this and post a list of whatever my current obsessions are…and I can’t promise they will be weekly. Maybe daily or maybe monthly. We’ll see.


1. This.


I usually get a mocha, a frappuccino, or a latte. So I guess I have multiple personalities.



2. Graphic patterns. With monograms. Or without.

I have an app on my phone called Monogram where you can import your own pictures to use as a background, or use their own patterns for backgrounds. Then you personalize your monogram overtop the image. The picture currently gracing my lock screen is this:


And OBVIOUSLY, I have a pink bumper at the moment from TECH21 (found here: I change phone cases all the time, but I just got one and I like it a lot. I also just ordered a silver glitter circle block monogram for the back of my phone from Etsy (

I love monograms, and the diamond pattern looked so adorable once I personalized it.

3. Herringbone.

My birthday was this past Thursday (finally 18!) and I got a Lululemon gift card as one of my presents. I have a moderate to severe Lululemon obsession. And when I say obsession I mean I have a whole rubbermaid bin filled with strictly Lululemon workout attire.  Anyways, I got the grey herringbone Wunder Under Pants and I’m in love with them. Lulu never  fails. I can’t seem to find a picture of them online (I think they’re sold out) so here is a picture of my leg and my fun new J. Crew socks:

photo-3 Untitled1

And then there is this fabulous mint herringbone tiled floor I found on Pinterest. I blame Pinterest for giving me unrealistic expectations for my future house.

4. Fall Nails.

I’m always obsessed with nail art. And fall. The two go together perfectly. While away at college, I have to deal with doing my own nails and minimal nail art. At home, I have the most fantastic manicurist (@hookedondal on Instagram)Seriously, go look her up right now-she’s a nail art goddess.

I’ve been saving some of my favorite designs I see on Instagram or Twitter recently so I have some ideas of what I may get next time I’m home for Thanksgiving.  Here are some:


Doesn’t that make you want to get a manicure right now?

5. Brightly Patterned Socks.

Specifically from J. Crew because J. Crew is and always will be my absolute favorite brand on this Earth, and because they seriously never cease to have adorable and amazingly comfy socks. This weekend I got three pairs for $4.99 each, so I win. Here’s some I love:

socks2 socks1 socks3



That’s all for today! I know this was only five things, and trust me I have quite a few more current obsessions, but I also think I have short term memory loss. So, as I remember those obsessions, I will jot them down to post next week.


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